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To rent a bike the lessee needs to leave a deposit in cash (Dong, US$, or Euro). The amount depends on the type of motorbike. This deposit will be refunded when the lessee returns the motorbike. Alternately, we can retain your passport and provide you with a copy of your passport and visa, along with the stamped rental agreement to prove that we are using it as a deposit which you can show to hotel receptionists upon check-in or when necessary. 
In any event, we always try to be flexible in our dealings, and we can make an arrangement that works for both parties.The lessee is responsible to pay all repair expenses in the event of any damage to the bike, and to pay fair value for the motorbike if it is lost or stolen while in the lessee’s possession.
Our Hanoi office provides free maps of Vietnam and flyers describing many possible road itineraries, along with info on hotels, village homestays, and driving directions.


Hanoi Honda GL 160cc

Honda GL 1600

Honda GL for rent







HONDA GL PRO 160cc A four-stroke motorbike that is quite comfortable for longer-distance tours with a bit more time spent on sealed roads. The larger engine means more power for hilly roads and it works well for some off-road riding. A very reliable and comfortable cruising ride. 

Honda CUSTOM LA 250cc suitable for road and mountain road but not off - road , electric start . Best choice to go for Ho chi Minh city.

Daily rental price is just $18 for GL pro , $ 35 for custom LA  which includes helmets, tool kit, spare parts, and Vietnam maps.


minsk rentalMinsk sport motorbike

MINSK MOTORBIKE 125cc The mighty Minsk was first imported in the 1970s as a solution to the difficult rural roads of Vietnam’s mountainous regions. Many Vietnamese prefer the Minsk for its simple mechanics, but as demand has declined the factory has stopped producing them. Our team of expert mechanics has renovated many Minsks with rebuilt enginesnew front and back suspension, and cables so they running smooth and ready for you to pick up to enjoy the fantastic motorbiking of Vietnam.

The Minsk is fun and comfortable to ride but you are advised to take our free 15 minute mechanical briefing to be able to change spare parts and know what to watch for.
Rental prices start at just $US10 per day! That includes tool kit, saddle bags, helmets, and Vietnam maps. 

Let us bring you a true Vietnamese MINSK experience, for motorbike memories you'll never forget.


HONDA FUTURE 125cc is an extremely reliable four-stroke semi automatic and is an easy choice for all riders including those who do not have much riding experience.  Even more advanced riders shouldn't dismiss the Future too quickly.  Some of ours are modified with saddlebag racks and taller front shocks to make it more comfortable on long trips and for offroad riding.  Rental prices start at just $US10 per day! That includes tool kit, saddle bags, helmets, and Vietnam maps.
While you might be tempted to call the Future a 'scooter', don't be fooled!  These bikes are surprisingly capable offroad choices.  Power to weight ratio is strong, and Honda quality means these are bulletproof backroad burners. Don't believe us? Just ask any Vietnamese farmer flying up a muddy, rutted hill with 150kg of rice strapped to the back.




Baja rental


We are one of the only rental companies in Hanoi who rent enduro and offroad motorbikes such as the Honda Baja XR250, Honda SL230, Honda Degree 250, Honda XR 250,Djebel 250 or the Honda XL125. These are strong, comfortable, and fun to ride while you conquer any on-road or off-road environment, but these bikes do tend to require a bit more experienced riding level.
Prices start from just US$18/day for the Honda XL125, $30 for the Honda AX1, Degree, or SL230, and $35 for the Baja XR250. 
All rentals include helmets, tool kit, spare parts, and Vietnam maps. Let’s ride!

Honda XR 250cc

Honda XR rental

Honda XL 125cc - Hanoi motorcycle rental

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